frozen dead guy days



It’s not often that three busy girls can align their schedules in less than one month’s time for a trip to Colorado. So when Laura reached out (semi-jokingly, I think) and said, “Hey, would you and Amy want to meet me out in Denver for a few days?”, we jumped at the opportunity.

We found a very reasonable flight and AirBNB and headed to Colorado just a few days before New Years Eve.

As soon as our plane hit the ground, we grabbed our rental car and headed to pick up Laura at her family’s home in the outskirts of Denver. Her aunt gave us a roadmap of recommendations that took us through the mountains and back to our AirBNB later that night.

We were so excited to explore the mountains, as well as all that Denver and the surrounding snow-covered towns had to offer.

Planning a trip to Colorado? Check out some of my favorite recs below!

NEDERLAND - if you’re new to the Denver area, you might not have heard of the “Frozen Dead Guy” who is supposedly a guy that’s been kept alive for years on dry ice in the small town of Nederland. Crazy, huh? The town celebrates him with a Frozen Dead Guy Festival which is held annually in March.

Nederland itself is pretty quirky with fun shops, a must-ride “Carnival of Happiness” (that will only cost you $1 to ride for a few minutes of pure joy), and a caboose filled with mini donuts and coffee.

Boulder Falls - On the way to the town center of Nederland, you can pull off to view Boulder Falls. It’s a waterfall not too far off the road (maybe .25 miles), and if you go in the colder months, you might get to experience it frozen like we did. Talk about an incredible opportunity! We were brave enough to venture out onto the frozen water for this epic picture!

(Photo creds to Amy; she had just had wrist surgery so she stayed back with a “better safe than sorry” mentality.)

DENVER - It’s hard to even get a tiny glimpse of Denver in just a few days, but I think we did a pretty awesome job of it. Check out these recs:

Little Man Icecream - no matter how cold it is, this icecream stop is a must. Their “space junkie” and the salted caramel peanut butter cup are must-try flavors. YUM.

Weathervane Cafe - a coffee shop filled with funky people and lots of awesome vintage. Cozy on up to one of the many downstairs tables or the venture upstairs to pick from the wide variety of lounging options, too. Their pumpkin chia pudding is delish!

Midnight Rambler - if you’re a lady of fashion, this place will be your jam. Filled with boho goods + vintage collectibles, you’ll leave filling uber inspired.

Denver Biscuit Company - well, this is pretty self-explanatory, but while you’re waiting on your biscuit, order the ginormous cinnamon roll! Plenty of food for 3-4 people.

Shops on Colfax Ave - a huge variety of shops align the streets that surround Denver Biscuit Co. Everything from women’s fashion, men’s barbershops, to jewelry and consignment.

Red Rocks - okay, not only is this a great place to catch a show (and a view), it’s a fantastic place to burn off those biscuits you just ate at Denver Biscuit Co! If you park at the bottom of the rocks, you’re bound to burn a day’s calories. ha! Worth every step to see the view from the top though. :)


Muddy Bucks - talk about the cutest coffeeshop in a mountain town. Placed right on the side of a mountain, this shop offers plenty of seating, drink options, and a place to warm up from the cold.

Frozen Lake - Ice Skating + Hockey - feeling a bit adventurous? During winter months, take a walk on this frozen lake.

Snowmobiling - Laura really wanted to do this, but we didn’t get a chance. This little town is ideal for this - filled with beauty and views, I bet it’s spectacular!

Hope you all enjoyed the recs as much as I did!


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