About a year ago, I got inspired to create something for St. Jude through my passion for hand lettering. I had a friend who was diagnosed with Hodgkins and had been treated at St. Jude (read more about her here), so I knew firsthand how incredible this company was for children dealing with diseases. After a few conversations, my best friend Tonya and I signed up for the 2018 race, and I got to work on ways I could contribute.

After many hours of concepting letters, I came up with the design for a shirt - “Love Runs the World”. Its meaning was dual-part; because of the love and donations people give, St. Jude can keep its doors open and take care of the sick children at no cost to their family. And it also meant, in a more light-hearted way, “ Love Runs the World”  because of the St. Jude marathon runners who dedicate their time to training for the 5k, 10k, half, or full marathon.

Race day came on Saturday, December 1st.  Tonya and I had driven down the night before to sleep in Memphis and have a little bit of downtime before we ran the next morning. We were absolutely filled with adrenaline at the start of the race. We hadn’t really taken the time to study the course and its terrain, but around mile 6, my body was starting to ask,Rosemary, what the ^&* are you doing?!”. I quickly realized I had not at all properly continued training long distances since my last half mid-October, and I definitely hadn’t prepped for those unexpected hills! OUCH!

But, guys, do you know what? Tonya and I ran the entire course non-stop. What encouraged us to not give up? Well, having each other as accountability partners was huge, but the main reason was running through St. Jude’s campus and seeing the children with signs encouraging us and cheering in whatever capacity they could.

Tonya and I right after crossing the finish line at St. Jude’s 2018 half marathon.

Tonya and I right after crossing the finish line at St. Jude’s 2018 half marathon.

The children were outside- with their masks, their oxygen tanks, their wheelchairs - holding signs for US. I knew that if these children could do that for us, I could definitely run this race for them. To say that those hours were emotional is a huge understatement.

Physically, emotionally, mentally.. there were so many challenges. But I’d do it all again (and I plan to!) to help those children win THEIR race.

Thank you all, again, for your support for these children. Every shirt purchased helped a St. Jude child, and every kind comment and word of encouragement helped me along the race, too.

Nichole of  Lawrence Designs  promoting the “Love Runs the World” shirt.

Nichole of Lawrence Designs promoting the “Love Runs the World” shirt.

The ladies of  OUTsideIN  supporting St.Jude! Another amazing company that gives back.

The ladies of OUTsideIN supporting St.Jude! Another amazing company that gives back.

Let’s all remember we’ve all got something to race for, and we can cross the finish line if we don’t give up.

So what’s your race for 2019? What’s going to get you to the finish line?




A few months ago my friend Elizabeth Ulrich asked if I'd be interested in doing lettering for a shoot she was styling in a few weeks. Elizabeth, being one of my all-time favorite stylists, had mentioned that this particular shoot's theme was based around real bugs and butterflies, and I was beyond honored to be asked to be a part of something so intricate and unique.

I spent that weekend lettering a few envelop options and the bride's vow book, which was covered in the most beautiful crushed velvet (talk about a dream!).  To say that I was ecstatic to see what Elizabeth would do to style my work is an understatement. She has such a way of telling a story through her art of styling - every ribbon perfectly placed, every pop of color perfectly paired.

Well this week, the images finally made their debut on the shelves of Barnes and Noble in the Trendy Bride magazine! I drove to the store the day I heard the news so I could see the shoot for myself. And there it was, in the middle of the magazine, the beautifully curated and captured shoot - with vivid colors, beautiful models, and real bugs and butterflies.

Below are a few of my favorite images that Maile shot that day.. just stunning if I say so myself!


When my friend Jess of Soul Flowers texted me randomly one night a few weeks ago, it definitely took my by surprise. Why? Jess was in Chicago and wanted to spontaneously get tattooed with her friend while they were on their trip together.

Because I just adore Jess's sweet spirit and her amazing talents of all things floral (seriously, check her out), I knew this request was something I just couldn't pass up.

"Only Love." was inspired by Mumford & Sons and has quite a special meaning for her.

Thanks so much for letting me do something so special for you, Jess! <3

Image by Michelle Barnett Photography

Image by Michelle Barnett Photography