I've been handlettering ever since I can remember. It was something that I was introduced to over two decades ago, and it's been running through my blood ever since. I often feel that I handletter more than my heart beats in a day. It's a love of mine that's stayed with me throughout the years. In high school, I'd letter little messages to friends, make invitations to baby showers, and even dabbled in handlettering lyrics for a yearbook spread my senior year.

In college, I handlettered plenty of sorority pages, doodles for friends, and more invitations too.

When I moved to Murfreesboro to attend MTSU, I learned how to take my lettering to the next level- how to digitize it and make it accessible on the internet. I learned a little bit about how to promote it and how to show my work outside of my worn down notebooks and loose leaf papers stuffed in books and binders. MTSU opened my eyes to so many possibilities that a naive girl from an extremely small hometown had never been exposed to before. After starting at CMT a few years later and surrounding myself with so many talented designers (who I'm lucky enough now to call close friends), my inspiration was limitless. These designers have helped me see where this crazy passion of mine can take me. They've taught me that handlettering isn't limited to posters and prints. Handlettering can be on billboards, in promos on-air, on sweatshirts, hats, and tv shows.

Because of these people, and friends who've supported my crazy, creative dreams throughout the years, I have developed one INSANE dream, and I want to share it with the world.

It's a dream of mine to take my art on the road with me, and work and sell from a mobile shop. I want to be able to share life with the people who want to share it with me - to experience the good this world has to offer - to share in travels - to spread love to every person they come across. I want to my passion of art make other people FEEL GOOD.

So, as I start this blog (and more so this crazy journey), I'd love your support in helping me spread joy. Let's see what we can make together.