Want to MAKE MONEY while helping spread joy and growing a small business?

We hope you're saying YES, YES, YES!

We created Garden Key Girls, our ambassador program, to do just that. We love our supporters and want nothing more than to give back to those who are giving to us.  And we know word of mouth referral and organic growth is the best way to build a business - can we say win/win?

By joining Garden Key Girls, you'll get bigger discounts, win prizes, and the ability to connect with fellow females. Making money is as easy as sharing your unique referral link- you'll make a commission on every sell you make! Apply today and join our growing community!

Once accepted into our ambassador program, we encourage you to join the very special, secret group HERE to meet each-other and swap all the secrets and tips to selling Garden Key Co. products!

Have a question about the Garden Key Girls ambassador program? Send an email to: gardenkeyco@gmail.com



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